Reviews for Beyond Words

John Valenteyn Toronto Blues Society
 Vancouver-based bluesman Wes Mackey has captured that Jimmy Reed sound here, making for a most satisfying listen. If you're looking for an example of the ‘less is more’ school of playing,look no further...“Lines”is a  tour de force, a strong lyric about the lines of his face and the life experience that caused them set to a lovely soul melody...

Paul Norton
Thanks again for the CD (BEYOND WORDS) I like it a lot, and I've been playing it. I know it's a long way off, but don't forget to submit it to the Juno folks next year!
CFRO 102.7 One O'Clock Jump

Reviews for Mr. Blues

See Magazine Edmonton
Mr. Blues is "..a reminder that the blues is not about
being down on yourself; it’s about using the music to lift your spirit and celebrate’s an early runner for 2006’s top ten lists of Canadian blues releases.

Blues and Rhythm Magazine,Great Britain
Norman Darwen
Mackey should be far better known than he is. He may not fit neatly into any of the 'contemporary blues'pigeonholes but so what? He knows what it is all about,no doubt about it.

Reviews for Second Chance

John Valentyn  of  TBS  Maple Blues Magazine.
..On the strength of this CD he certainly deserves his second chance...and I am looking forward to future CD's

Roots Music Report.
Wes can sing a song...(and )....plays his Gibsons guitar with the expertise of  a  man  that  knows his blues. A fine CD"

Jean Claude Mondo
Ce titre clôture, par ailleurs, cet album d’excellente facture…