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Life is a Journey

This album is his most complete
and personal..
4 out of 5 stars!  Soul Bag
Soul Bag Magazine France

.....not afraid to experiment. “Thank You Carolina” starts with the ghostly voices of a work gang before the instruments kick in, taking the song in a more modern direction. Mackey’s voice, however, has a worn-down, melancholy timbre that perfectly straddles the two eras.

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full of atmosphere in which the gentleman. Wes seems to embrace
you with his slightly hoarse and warm voice...
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Cliquez ici ( Francais)

All this beautifully swings around beautiful melodies...smooth and introspective...

International Songwriting
5 Time Semi-finalist

This CD should appeal to those who appreciate the likes of Taj Mahal, Eric Bibb, Corey Harris – or who just appreciate classy modern blues.

Norman Darwen
Blues and Rhythm Magazine, Britain

Highly recommended

A very nice blue album. Songs with personal lyrics, about Mackey 's look  at the past and the future. The songs are well written and have  catchy rhythms...Eric Campfens. Read this review

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