Wes Mackey Blues Sur Seine


Mackey  Honorary Citizen of  
Provence, France
The humbled Wes Mackey was there
to attend a distinctive presentation at the town’s  “Citizen of Honor”

Natural entertainer Mackey brings top-tier ensemble to shows Bluesman taps emotional content of  lyrics
Edmonton Journal  Peter North

"I went back there and went through the fence and went back down by the fishing docks a ..like I went full circle By Shelley Arnusch Pique News Magazine

An evening with the blues: Wes Mackey immerses Nekkersdal in a sweet blues bath..Brussels
By Patrick Lagae

Bluesman Wes Mackey was sent into the world by his father about 40 years ago..By Jack Mccray
Post and Courier Staff  Charleston, South Carolina

Wes Mackey

Mackey's live performance
in Germany gets a  great review
By Vincent Abbate

Wes Mackey in Germany Mag Cover

The Province Stuart Derdeyn