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Wes Mackey, a child of the blues
at Cellier des Moines, Sunday, November 26

The elegant sexagenarian who will be performing at Chat Musiques, Sunday, November 26, Cellar des Moines, accompanied by Vincent Bucher and Simon Boyer.

Native of South Carolina, he accompanied the greatest: Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Rufus Thomas or John Lee Hooker. And, it is Jimmy Reed it seems who has left his mark the most, judging by  the purity of and  the sensitivity of its interpretations.

He, like them, started out in the Honky Tonks...playing on a guitar, and was paid (sometimes!) with a meal. Then, his career ran quietly in the shadows of the big ones.

It is much later that he will begin to play as leader with his first group: Wes Mackey and the Brothershood. He will play even solo.

Today, he lives in Canada, where he is celebrated as the most authentic ambassador of southern blues.

Her muffled voice, strangely youthful, renews songs as famous as Rock me Baby, with that familiar sense of communication with the public that remains the prerogative of the great bluesmen.

Translated from French
Francais Ici

Le Journal DU CENTRE

The great American bluesman Wes Mackey in concert near Caen Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

The Evrecy Blues Club in Normandy # 2 will take place on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. "We have chosen a Tuesday evening to be able to present an artist that we particularly like. It's Wes Mackey (US).

 He was scheduled for Blues Night in 2010, his show ended with a standing ovation and "a CD sale from which Wes Mackey came out stunned to have sold all his stock."

He will be accompanied as in 2010 by two outstanding French musicians Vincent Bucher (harmonica) and Simon Boyer (drums). A fairly eclectic repertoire mixing styles and tempos. Their album Helpin'Hand shows in a good way the quality of this training.

The evening will start with the group of Rouen New Line Up who will deliver his blues tinged with swing.

Translated from French
Francais  Ici
Full profile by Jerry Axson
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